So I am having a little fun during my birthday month and gave it a new name just for #Pinktober17.  This is because I am taking this journey during the month of my birth and also because this is the month that raises awareness about Breast Cancer.  Today I am currently within the second week of my third chemo treatment, so I am feeling better just my sinuses are out of wack.   This past week has been a little rough due to the passing of my cousin, which was unexpected.  She was an older cousin, who looked out for me and always kept it real.  She never sugar coated nothing and we all loved her for that.  Brenda will be missed.  But I am saddened because I won’t be able to make it to my cousins funeral due to doctor’s appointments on that date.  Also my uncle has been in the hospital and we have been praying so hard that he recovers.

Back to Pinktober, I am excited because there are some fun plans that will happen this month.  Also during this time my faith is being tested in more areas and I am learning to depend and trust God even more.  I hope everyone that reads this is at peace and is blessed.

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Day 23

I am currently in my second treatment and things are going well, other than it being peculiarly hot outside.  I chose to do my treatment so late, so that it would be cool outside and I wouldn’t have to be as irritated as I am now due to the heat.  But other than that God is good all the time and all the time God is good!!!  So today was a little emotional, my hair came out… pics below.  I knew it was going to happen and right now I am liking the ventilation of my head due to this 90 something degree weather.  I just know God is going to give me 10 times more than what the enemy thought he stole!!! I know all things are possible through the Lord and that is where my faith lies.  I was feeling well today and keeping myself hydrated.  i chose not to cook due to the hot weather and I decided to order Chinese food.  The kid’s choice….  I am enjoying spending time with my children and loving on them more and more each day!

That Word

When they delivered the news that I supposedly had cancer, I just thought to myself how can that ugly word come out of your mouth about me.  That is something that wouldn’t be associated with me.  No one in my immediate family dealt with it, none of my closest friends have dealt with it, and it cannot be a part of my world.  But the reality of it was, this has become my truth and this is something that I would not wish or pass on to anyone else.

My diagnosis given on July 13th was TNBC.  The big bad wolf of all of the BCs… I knew nothing about this because like I said no one in my immediate circle has dealt with this.  I did not know if I wanted to even put this out here because I have so many thoughts rushing through my mind.  What about my children?  But I declared on that day that this would be my fight and this is not for them.  This will not be a curse to my blood line.  So my children will not have to deal with this nor their children or their children and so on!

It is my fight, so I will be using the full armor that God provides to fight this fight!  When things like this happen, it makes you put things into perspective.  Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed.  Cherish all the moments you have with family and friends.  Also I believe this is necessary for my next chapter in my life which is to watch my children grow, strengthen my marriage, definitely strengthen my relationship with God, and to be at peace with things that I have no control of.  I thank God every day for his healing and deliverance and for walking with me every step of the way on this journey.

Welcome to the World of All Things

Hi my name is Zakiyyah and I am a lifestyle blogger.  I take time to write about all things that are important in my life and some of these things can definitely relate to your life as well.  I have always been passionate about my family, education, fashion, fitness, web/graphic design, radio, music, and much, much more.  Well those are most of the subjects that I will be posting about on my blog site and I hope you enjoy!