Zakiyyah Claybron, known as ZC The Educator, began her creative journey back in the late 90’s when her interest in computer technology provided an innovative platform for her to utilize her technical abilities.  This passion for learning about new and challenging technologies would place her into a position to be an asset to budding entrepreneurs and small business owners. She was able to advise them on how to grow and market their personal brands by utilizing new computer technology.  Zakiyyah’s flare for being creative assisted her in providing advice to family and friends also. This knowledge, experience, and passion of seeing others achieve their visions of personal business growth would lead her to going into the field of Web Design and Development.

In 1996 Zakiyyah was exposed to the world of technology in business when she began her internship in her senior year at Whitney M. Young High School in Chicago, Illinois.  She continued her pursuit of technology by attending the University of Illinois at Chicago and then completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Managing Information Systems at Chicago State University. While attending Chicago State University Zakiyyah took on the duties as the lead Marketing and Promotions Coordinator for WCSU Radio Station, a technology lab assistant in the College of Business, and a member of the BDPA. She continued to gain valuable classroom education and business experience by building her portfolio through working with local Chicago music artists and others who wanted to build their brands.

Through continuous hard work, networking and client satisfaction Zakiyyah would land an opportunity to work for Crawford Broadcasting Corporation one of the nation’s largest media outlets and Chicago’s top Radio Station networks. She worked as a Promotions Assistant that handled the web site and content for all three associated radio stations Power 92, Soul 106.3 and Rejoice 102.3. She also worked with the sales department with contest promotions and upcoming events that were sponsored by Crawford Broadcasting and its business affiliates.  In remaining up to date on the latest technological and educational advancements, she continued her education by attending DePaul University where she would diligently pursue her Master’s Degree in Information Systems with a Concentration in Managing E-Commerce in which she obtained in 2014.

With her extensive personal business experience and higher education achievements Zakiyyah would expand the focus of her services to offer a wide range of marketing solutions that would involve web, print, design, research, social media content, video production, video editing, public relations, and more. She would teach at Dusable Leadership Academy from 2014-2015, where she instructed juniors and seniors on how to create websites, business marketing, and how to use Microsoft Applications. She is also an instructor at 2 of the Illinois Media Schools where she teaches web design and branding to adult students. Zakiyyah has also taken on various business ventures such as working for Carter Consulting Group, Mentoring Youth Through Technology (MYTT), Victory Christian International Ministries, and Health Care Research Associates. Her business savvy, creative and innovative ideas help to bring many visions to life. She provides more than 20 years of in the field experience in the area of Information Technology.

Beyond all of her business and educational accomplishments, her greatest impact and dedication is to her family, she considers this to be her greatest achievement. She is a woman of God, a mother of 5 beautiful children (3 boys and 2 girls), a Breast Cancer Overcomer, and an Educator. In the past Zakiyyah has lead a Reading Ministry where she had most recently been working with wives and praying for their marriages and now she still works with them but she has opened the group to work with all women who may need ministering in their lives and who are searching for their purposes.  Also Zakiyyah has a brand under the role of radio/media personality that goes by the name of Karamel. She does a throwback radio show, a talk show, and a podcast where she brings attention to people that have stories, products, or services that may be of assistance to others within the community. Through it all, she still says “the BEST is yet to come.”