Looking back from where I have been it is amazing to see where I am today. I would have never thought I would just let go and let GOD!!! I have compared myself to “Perfect Patty” (Janet Jackson in why did I Get Married) so many times… Well my TRUTH was I lived for the approval of others. I never wanted to be looked at as an outcast or someone out of the norm. But wow after a life altering experience, a dark night of the soul journey, and being awaken to a higher level of life, my reality has forever been changed.

I have always taken heed in the wisdom of my elders and the words of wise men/women. I may have not immediately reacted to their guidance, but I have always kept what has been spoken in the back of my mind. I understood that I may not have been able to see then what they were talking about, but I knew at some point of time it may come to past and I need to be able to recognize at that moment what it was. So with that said that has brought me to where I am today seeing things for what they really are. Choosing to do what is best for me. Making sure that I am refreshed and able to have what I need so that I can continue to educate and bless others and also fulfill my purpose.

Detaching from what was hurting me the most was the hardest part of all of this, but I do understand it was for my good. Have you ever been so boggled down with so much negativity that you just felt that whatever you did or whatever way you went it was just all wrong… That is truly how I felt before. No matter how hard I tried to please this person or do what this person wanted me to do it just was never good enough. Once I let that go it felt as if I could breathe again!!! The fresh air is so refreshing! Looking at life with a clear view has allowed me to find me again!

I am now living a life that I feel that I can be myself and live in my truth. I not only educate others, but I have a radio show, talk show, and a few podcasts that I do. I am living a life that I am constructing and not one that I am conforming to because it is what everyone else wants me to do… and guess what it feels so damn GOOD!

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