I call 2020 by the name above because I need that refresh… whether it is a refresher in life, love, career, and the pursuit of happiness!!! Bumped into a slightly older lady yesterday at Walmart who definitely gave me a whole new perspective on things especially relationships… ijs wow! So with that being said we spoke about how she was processing her divorce and how she was not bitter or jaded by what she had gone through… I truly believe we get the bad apples first so that once we get the good apple that might not be as shiny or attractive as those bad apples, but that was the one that was made perfectly for you.

Top 10 Things To Do for 2020:

  1. Out with the OLD
  2. Secure New Employment
  3. Secure a place to live
  4. Travel – 1 Out of the Country Trip and at least 3 in country trips
  5. New Vehicle
  6. Multiple Streams of Income
  7. Start on my P.H.D.
  8. Complete writing  and publish 3 books
  9. Start my YouTube Channels
  10. Start my career as a public speaker (host events and etc…)

So you need to write the Vision and make it plain so that you can see it and achieve it!!!

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