Back at work, back to life… that is my reality right now.  It is interesting how when you are down everyone kicks you and pushes you to the side, when you are back on your feet they start to remember you again.  This process, this journey, this path has really taught me a lot.  I apologize for anyone that I left in the cold or was not there for them when they truly needed me.  Moving forward I will not apologize my stance of doing what is best for me.  I have put so many before myself, that I feel that I have hindered myself from reaching the greatness and success that was accessible to me in life.  I am starting to gather my strength, get my barrings, and truly figure out what I want in life, out of life, and how I want my life to play out.  Yes, a ball of mixed emotions for me at this time… I am really loving being back at work.  Educating is my love and my passion!

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