As I sit here and look at my reflection in the computer screen while it is hibernating, I began to think how did I get here…  Was it me being too passive and indecisive about my life… Was it me trying to fight for something that I should have let go of a long time ago… Was it me just making poor life decisions… It was probably a combination of them all.  So what do I do now… Moving forward I will no longer leave my life and circumstances to chance.  I will be intentional about my life moving forward.  If I don’t like it or feel that it is not for me, guess what I am going to stand my ground on it and not care what others think or say.  This is my life, my choice and I am going to live my best life regardless of what people say or think!  Life is truly about living and learning and I have learned a lot thus far and I will be learning a lot more as I continue to live.  Thank you God for your enlightenment, healing, and deliverance!

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