Scrolling through facebook and what do I see other than a post about cheating from the cheater himself (my soon to be ex-husband).  I swear I feel like I was slapped so hard in the face and was told “Wake the Fuck Up!”  The post is as follows… The words that I have expressed on so many occasions Thanks for giving us your insight my Mighty Man brother *********** This is a Relationship Must Read #TheManhoodChronicles : All men don’t cheat and all men that cheat aren’t cheating because they are sex crazed. This is the part that most women will never understand. Fact there are some men that cheat just for sex , but the fact is if you respect your men, support his dreams, talk to him like a king, build with him instead of building off of him ,you are least likely to get cheated on. Men want to be respected and heard, the moment you talk down to him you have began the chain affect that is called infidelity. Men will always see other women that are attractive , but when you pour into a men exactly what you want poured into you, that man want ever considered risking you over nothing. The women that your husband /boyfriend will cheat with mit not look better then you, they mit not have a better body then yours, they mit not have more education then you , they mit not even be financially secure. But they won’t insult your guy the way you do they will talk to him with respect, they will make him feel like he can conquer the world. Stop acting like you are his only choice and you will be his only choice. And might This sums it up for me being the fool that I am waiting for things to get better but you feel that you don’t mind risking our relationship, my health, my solitude over your selfish feelings.  Wow thanks for this true and real wake up call.  So I will tell any female that has repetitive cheater on their hands to walk away and just let it go because that man does not respect you or the family that you have together with feelings like this.

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