I do believe that sometimes things have to fall apart so that things can be rebuilt on a better foundation and that is the direction that I feel that my life is going in.  These last few months I have had so many things come to an end in my life.  I have to think to myself did I say the prayer of God let anything or any person that is not for me fall out my life because the way that life has been going for me makes me surely feel that way during this time.  Going through a period of loss and of refinement can be ohhh so rough, but I am definitely keeping my eye on the prize which would be the end results of this and how much better of a person I will be from all of this.  It is difficult to see the ones you love walk away from you, but God makes no mistakes and life is all about living and learning!  Living and Learning are the key things that we are here for because if you are not doing one or the other you have to be dead, so be thankful that you are able to learn that hard lesson because that means that you are living!!!

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