I went to the doctor February 5, 2018 and was told that I had a complete reaction to the chemotherapy, which means I am NED ( no evidence of disease).  This was the best news during this time.  Cancer makes your life so uncertain.  All you have is your faith to know that everything will be alright as long as you have God by your side.  I am meeting with the surgeons now to have a BMX (bl-lateral mastectomy).  Why you ask?  I had to understand this process myself… Due to me having the BRCA1 gene or the Breast Cancer gene, they say I have a greater chance of re-occurrence.  I do not want that, so I am opting to have the surgery done and I am thinking of it as the boob job I really wanted back in the day… or hell maybe even today!  I did used to think of getting a boob job because my breast were barely a full b-cup when I am at my prime weight.  All of my cousins and other family have much bigger breast than me… but I digress on that.  I think this is the best way for me to process all of this is that I can finally get the breast size that I desired.  I know it sounds kind of strange, but when you get lemons you can either embrace the sourness of them or you can turn them into the sweetest lemonade you have ever tasted and that is what I am choosing to do “make the greatest lemonade ever”!

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