We all have dealt with it, but many of us react differently to it.  It can hurt like hell most of the time, but then it can be a blessing in disguise that we don’t realize it at the time. A lot of times when we act off of a rejection it gets us in some type of trouble.  We can fall into trouble in many ways by over shopping, over eating, over compensating for what we may have felt caused the rejection, promiscuity, and other sins.  But if we take the time to regroup and make ourselves whole we could avoid a majority of the troubles we get into.

People reject others not necessarily to hurt that person, but because they may be seeking something that you are just not able to fulfill.  It is not your fault and you have to see that there is so much more out there in the world.  So if that man or woman has let you go, thank God and allow God to send that one who is truly for you.  If you have been let go from a job… breathe and allow God to guide your next steps so that you can walk into your career and not another temporary position.  If you are feeling rejection from a family member, allow God to fill what you need from that individual and keep you whole and pray that that person receives what they need to make them whole also.  Same thing with friends, they may be dealing with something that they might not reveal to you, but they may need you to pray for them and be there when they are ready.  It may seem hard to do all of this at first, but remember God has purpose for all of us and sometimes those things or people that we want don’t align with our purpose and can cause us to get off course.  God has to remove some things or people so that you can be back on the right path of your purpose.

I pray that all of you are able to find your purpose and live purposefully through the rejection that life may show you!

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