Shall I say New Year, New Me… no I don’t think so.  Well sort of, I am always improving myself to be the best possible Me that I can be.  This year started off kind of sombersome, me being by myself bringing in the new year watching 227.  I promise next year will be different (note to self).  I am saying Good Bye to cancer and ready to truly live out my next 50 or plus years being true to myself.   I am currently reading The Year of the Yes with Coach Mo on facebook and I feel that this will be great in helping me turn a lot of negatives in my life around. Yesterday I did my to do list, so I am seeing some progress there.  I just have to tackle what I am saying Yes to this month… setting realistic and some unrealistic goals and achieving them!  I feel that I have been restraining myself from a lot of things that I want to do over the years due to the situation I am in, but no longer can I refrain myself from being truly happy.  So I am going to take a step back and write down a lot of the things that make me happy and start implementing that into my life this year.  The funny thing is I can start to feel a lot of that rigidness starting to break off and it feels GREAT!!!

What are you expecting from yourself this new year?  Write it down and make it plain… you can achieve it all!

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