This was the year that I made a huge change… I lost the weight that was starting to really impact my life.  I have always been on the heavier side when it comes to weight.  I never was the skinny mini in the group or the one who could fit anything under a size 10.  I have always had my thickness which could be call girth, fat, and other things depending on your interpretation of things.  Did I long to be a smaller size yes I did, but never understood how much power I had to make it happen.  For years I took the easy way out and lost the weight using the phentermine pills, but the only thing about that is once you are off of them and your appetite returns you usually double your original size before you started or in my case I got pregnant each time I took those pills for a while.  And you know with a baby, weight just comes back on as if it was waiting around the corner to return to its home.

I took control of my situation when the doctor said she needed to retest my blood glucose because it was very high and I might need medication.  I said the devil is a liar, although diabetes is a part of my family’s history, but I wanted no parts of it.  Because I wanted no parts of it I decided to take my health in my own hands and loose some weight.  Through me hiring a nutritionalist I learned how to eat healthy and the weight started coming off.  I stopped eating all of the sugary foods and pastas, I added veggies to every meal, and I cut out the beef and the pork.  I am still trying to stick to this diet, but it has been hard with the situation I am going through now (you can look at My Challenge for details).  I thank the Lord for giving me the strength and the will power to take control of health situation.  I overall lost about 50 pounds.  I am maintaining it, but once this challenge is over I am going vegetarian.  I just have to do some research to find out to supplement the nutrition that meat gives you.

Here is a before and after pic 2016 vs. 2015…

A year can make a huge difference!

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