So I am having a little fun during my birthday month and gave it a new name just for #Pinktober17.  This is because I am taking this journey during the month of my birth and also because this is the month that raises awareness about Breast Cancer.  Today I am currently within the second week of my third chemo treatment, so I am feeling better just my sinuses are out of wack.   This past week has been a little rough due to the passing of my cousin, which was unexpected.  She was an older cousin, who looked out for me and always kept it real.  She never sugar coated nothing and we all loved her for that.  Brenda will be missed.  But I am saddened because I won’t be able to make it to my cousins funeral due to doctor’s appointments on that date.  Also my uncle has been in the hospital and we have been praying so hard that he recovers.

Back to Pinktober, I am excited because there are some fun plans that will happen this month.  Also during this time my faith is being tested in more areas and I am learning to depend and trust God even more.  I hope everyone that reads this is at peace and is blessed.

Also if you can please support my #PinktoberDeals today… more info at!

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